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Articles and studies

Ectoin Artikel & Studien


When researching our products we always come across interesting articles and studies. Of course we do not want to withhold these from you, so we have put together a small collection to read on.

Articles and studies on respiratory diseases (IAD, RAO) in horses

Atikel zu bi-medEctoin
Studien zu bi-medEctoin

Diagnostics for respiratory diseases (DE)

Equine disease: RAO (DE)

Recognizing respiratory diseases (DE)


Opportunities for inhalation therapy (DE)

Effect of different doses of inhaled ciclesonide on lung function of horses with induced mild to severe airway obstruction

Inflammatory respiratory diseases in horses

Articles and websites about the equine eye

Atikel zu bi-medEctoin
Internetseiten zu Augenerkrankungen bei Pferden

A product test from ehorses (DE)

Interview with waytoliberty & bitopEQUI® (DE)

Tearing eyes in horses (DE)

How do horses see? (DE)

Detecting problems in the horse's eye (DE)

Information on blind horses (DE)

IG Blinde Pferde (DE)



Articles and studies on the effectiveness of Ectoin® in humans

Atikel zu bi-medEctoin
Studien zu bi-medEctoin

Ectoin? Background and effect (DE)

Medical use of Ectoin (DE)

Ectoin to reduce chronic pneumonia (DE)

Ectoin in eye drops (DE)

Reduction of bacterial lung inflammation by inhalation of Ectoin

The Mode of Action

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