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Awesome! I inhale my RAO mare with it. She does not respond to cortisone and bronchial dilatation massively disturbs her circulation. With bi-medEctoin®, she has improved her symptoms so much that I am frustrated that I did not buy this product last summer. Of course, a dust free stable with soaked hay is a part of the process.

Uli Ba (Facebook review)

First of all I would like to thank the company bitop for the excellent and detailed consultancy. They have supported us to find the right formula (Ectoin / NaCl). Our PRE has been suffering from serious lung problems for months and had to be treated with antibiotics and cortisone frequently. With the right stable management and inhalations with Bitop EQUI Lung our stallion is almost free of symptoms even without medication. 

M.Cullmann (website review)

We inhale with ectoin and are excited. We use the eye drops and the spray when the flies have gotten to the eye somehow. And the cream has already helped a lot with a skin injury. (Also good for the human skin.) So we are enthusiastic about ALL products!!!

sandra_oetken (Instagram comment)

Your products are absolutely amazing. Thanks to you, we haven't had a conjunctivitis since we started using them (in April 2020).

way_tp_liberty (Instagram comment)

I'm really excited about your eye spray - the eyes of my pony are much less irritated than usual. In addition to this, it is also really efficient and easy to use. The spray has lasted for almost 2 months now. Supplies are already in the locker, top product.

cori_dr (Instagram comment)

The bitopEQUI LUNG is a relief for allergy sufferers. It's the only thing that really works well... the product is truly phenomenal!

Sabrina Ho (Facebook comment)

LUNG always in use. SKIN tested, was enthusiastic!

Felicitas Alexandra Münch (Facebook comment)